The beginning of a revolutionary partnership

Artshell and miart team up for the first digital edition 2020

Aiming to rethink the scenarios in a virtual dimension without geographical barriers, the same technological partnership started this year with miart - international modern and contemporary art fair - became a perfect union to turn the 2020 edition, the twenty-fifth edition, into an all online event on Artshell.

Thanks to several features now available within Artshell, we can bring for the first time in Italy a new interactive visit experience of "virtual stands" and artworks.

Each gallery will be able to create its own visual storytelling to present and share artworks through videos and detailed documents, and will also benefit from those interactions and personal relationships that are typical of "physical" art fairs.

Artshell CHAT

Artshell supports one-to-one conversations, groups and thematic channels through a built-in communication system - the world's first to feature a native chat based on the most widely used instant messaging apps. Artshell offers a real workspace, providing an immediate workflow that meets the current smart working needs and creates real opportunities.

Artshell's mission to design a digital platform for the art world aims not only to offer the opportunity to build new models for ambitious goals through pure technology. It aims, on the contrary, to enhance the effectiveness of teamwork relationships by focusing on the potential of collaboration, sharing and immediate interaction that is part of everyone's daily life.

For this reason, there is always a strong human component in the innovation of Artshell's services, represented by the Concierge service, designed to provide personalized support in the process of conversion and digital archiving of collections.

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