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Courtesy of Archivio Salvo

Along the way in my work with the collector, there were reporting and extrapolation requirements that were met very quickly and with great simplicity. I can only say that I am extremely satisfied with the support received, both from a technical and human point of view.

Clarice Pecori Giraldi has over thirty years of experience in the international art market and in the world of culture and business. She was Modern Art Specialist for Sotheby’s Italia, Managing Director of Christie’s Italia, Director for Private Sales for Christie’s Europa, and Regional Director of Phillips.

She held the role of International Head of Communication at Prada and later at Ferragamo. She was Vice President of the Milan Triennale. She has been auction hitter and continues to carry out this activity for some charity auctions.

She sits on the Board of Directors of the San Patrignano Foundation and is responsible for the curatorial coordination of the Art Collection, an example in Italy of an endowment in works of art for a non-profit foundation.

Clarice Pecori Giraldi

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