Our way of working changed completely thanks to Artshell.

“Everything is easier and faster, from daily operations to more complex tasks”

“Our way of working changed completely thanks to Artshell.”

“Everything is easier and faster, from daily operations to more complex tasks”

Courtesy of Archivio Salvo

We often work with artworks and one of our activities is to keep archiving them, in order to develop a future reasoned catalogue. Before Artshell, we could only access our old database inside the archive building. Thanks to this platform we can now consult, update and modify it wherever we are, even on our mobile devices. We can share works, information and files in a few clicks, create emails or export pdfs. The possibilities are truly limitless.

We were able to free up a large amount of storage space from the devices! Our archive contains many high-resolution files and Artshell is a cloud-based system that allows us to manage them without overloading our computers: from the actual artworks to all the exhibitions and documents connected. We were a bit worried about switching to a different system, migrating our old database to Artshell, and then the Artshell Concierge team stepped in, managing the data transfer and continuing to support us afterwards.

The Salvo Archive was founded in 2016 by Cristina Tuarivoli and Norma Mangione. It is a non-profit association with the purpose of protecting and promoting Salvo's work. Its inauguration took place with an exhibition by Jonathan Monk, with a series of artworks inspired by Salvo. Our mission is to archive all the artworks in order to create a reasoned catalogue. Moreover, the archive actively collaborates with researchers, curators and critics who want to investigate the work of Salvo. For the Honor Committee there are Pier Giovanni Castagnoli, Giuseppe Coppa, Alessandro Nieri and Eva Perini. For the Scientific Committee there are Lisa Andreani, Clara Dagosta, Silvano Schivo and Elena Zonca.

Archivio Salvo

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