The perfect tool for art management

Artshell Platform:
a single digital environment

Designed to go beyond the simple concept of a professional archive, Artshell Platform is the best tool for efficient art collections management.

Full of features for proper art collections management

The ultimate solution that allows you to organize, export and share files with teams and customers connected within the same environment.

Taste the possibilities of Artshell Platform

Create, increase and manage your database.

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Organize your work and choose how to collaborate

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Communicate and share information in real time

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More effective and beautiful email campaigns than ever

Unlimited mailings and instant workflow. Ability to include attachments, images from your archive, animations and links.

With Artshell Platform the newsletter reinvents itself and allows you to experience a new degree of efficiency.

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Case studies

We started using Artshell a year ago now and we will certainly continue to do so in the future. It is an effective and intuitive way to store artworks and share them with our customers with great ease. We recommend it to any operator in the sector.

Tommaso Calabro Gallery

Case studies

Artshell was a fantastic addition to our gallery. From being able to organize our entire archive quickly and easily, create pdfs, pricelists and other documents directly on the site, manage our newsletter all in one place, Artshell has made our way of working easier and faster.

Norma Mangione Gallery

Case studies

Compared to other archiving systems, I find Artshell much more intuitive and quicker to update, which is fundamental as my archive is constantly expanding. Moreover, having all the information on my work always available and accessible from any device is just what I needed.

Francesco Arena

Case studies

Artshell has changed the way the office works. It allows us to integrate and direct information in a fluid and fast way, optimizing the team’s interaction time.

Lara Facco Press Office

Case studies

Artshell is quick and easy to use. It has solved our problem of having in a single platform a CRM, a newsletter system and a back-office able to update our site in real time. The Artshell team is also always present and available to solve any doubt with efficiency and speed.


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artshell website

The beauty of a tailor-made website, the simplicity and appealing aesthetics of an Artshell solution

Start designing your new website linked to Artshell Platform now. Optimise management time thanks to the direct connection with your content archive. Manage sensitive data safely and take advantage of SEO-oriented technology to improve the relationship with contacts and lead generation performance.

Discover Artshell website

Your work, always with you

Download the Artshell app for desktop, tablet and mobile and manage your collections on any device, even offline.

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Discover the solution that's right for you

Experience the infinite potential of an intelligent, personalized archive

Artist Archive

50 600€ per year

Many Artshell features in a single solution designed for artist archives. Organize your art and share it to the world.

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90 1080€ per year

The ideal version for small galleries and art advisors. Newsletters, artist, artworks and contacts all in one.

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135 1620€ per year

The perfect plan for large galleries and corporate collections. Multiple levels of access and productivity at maximum. Even with the largest teams.

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Website Integration


starting from 2.500

Functional design. Fascinating aesthetics. Excellent performance. Design your own website, create unique experiences for your users and generate new opportunities for your work.


300 per year

Hosting and maintenance for your website. Professional and 100% secure.

Contact us to discuss your needs and evaluate the best solution for you.

Please Note: Our prices do not include VAT.

miart powered by Artshell

The technological partnership between the famous international modern and contemporary art fair and Artshell leads to a higher level of experience and sharing for this 2020 edition, thanks to an all-digital catalogue available in the VIP area directly from miart platform.

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Do you have any questions? We have the answers

If you have any questions or simply wish to go into more detail about Artshell, our team is ready to support you. Take a look at the topics below - some of the information you’ll probably find is exactly what you’re looking for.

If you’d like to know more, please contact us by message..

It’s easy to migrate from any management software to Artshell, our team of experts at Concierge will guide you through the migration of all your data: from artwork information, contacts, documents, images, invoices and reports. Migration to Artshell can be carried out regardless of the size of the archive or the starting system. The Artshell subscription also includes continuous support over time through unlimited tutorials by phone, remote screen sharing or simply through face-to-face meetings.

Artshell uses the best security and encryption technology available on the market and we rely on Amazon’s web server infrastructure. Our privacy policies ensure maximum confidentiality and total security of all our systems. On the other hand we strictly enforce a non-disclosure agreement that is signed by all our employees for any information that may be exchanged during the migration phase. Finally, we want to point out that Artshell does not have access to the contents of your account.

Absolutely yes! Our platform is able to replace both your archiving system and the CRM and email sending functionalities. You won’t need any more tools to organize your archive management work. All Artshell subscriptions offer: the upload of an unlimited number of artworks, contacts, artists and exhibitions. In addition, you can send an unlimited number of newsletters to all contacts at no additional cost. Our team of experts will always be available to discuss your archiving needs or to plan a demo that will show you the different features of the program.

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