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Artshell and ArtVerona team up for the first digital edition 2020

Following the postponement of the ArtVerona 16th edition to 2021, Veronafiere chose Artshell as the platform to support the all-digital project dedicated to the promotion of the Italian Art System. An opportunity to meet and exchange by using an optimized version of Artshell.

Artshell Network renews the interactive visit experience thanks to several features and through a curatorial program based on three sections: Digital Black, Digital Yellow e Digital White.

ArtVerona Digital 2020

ArtVerona developed in partnership with ANGAMC (National Association of Modern and Contemporary Art Galleries) an ongoing program of three initiatives involving museums, private foundations and galleries which, thanks to Artshell, could present and manage their virtual stands.

Artshell CHAT

The platform is even simpler and more intuitive thanks to the development of tools as Chat. Artshell allows people to connect by using an instant messaging service and is proud to offer a useful workspace for smart working and new ways to build relationships.

Our mission is to offer new, advanced technological models of collaboration to the art system. Artshell enhances the power of teamwork by improving the prospects of sharing and immediate exchange, an important part of our daily life.

However, the human component is at the center of our commitment. Thanks to the Concierge service, Artshell provides customized and direct support in the management, digital conversion and the archive of collections.

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Take part in the initiatives and find all the insights, interviews and digital content selected for you and try the features of the Artshell Network for ArtVerona Digital 2020.

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ArtVerona digital edition 2020

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